Wednesday, November 28, 2007

walking again

This time in Mumbai... on Marine's drive...

Another disppointment in hand, not that it was something I was craving for, but it was definitely something with which I could have started afresh on a good note. But who the hell told me that life is going to be easy!!

So, anyways, I had heard (&seen) so much of this place already that kind of knew what to expect. But still it was a bit surprising to find so many couples sitting under the scorching afternoon sun and still managing to look so refreshingly happy... such is love! I prayed in silence for their smiles and joys to continue forever. Those, whose love has strength and truthfulness, do conquer against all the odds of this class-caste-race-ridden-world.

I started walking again in my trademark care-a-damn-about-the-world style. Discovering that I have started enjoying the unknown; and again a strange feeling of how comfortable I have become with my loneliness.

As expected, Indian cities are not meant for loner girls; there are always glares and uninvited smiles, but then I have formed thick immunity to all that... so I sat down on the pavement after a tiring half an hour walk; thought would do some introspection but mind simply refusing to collaborate, and finally heart taking over the reigns of my thought. Mumbai...

Sun was mean enough, not letting me sit down for longer duration at one point (and it was irritating that this super-long pavement is so damn shaved off of trees) so I walked and walked and walked.... sitting down at random intervals when the soles of my sleek sandals started to hurt....

It might be a city of dreams and inspiration for a lot of people, but wish I would never have to live here... this city has taken a lot from me even though I have not lived here more than two days in total... I really wish I would never have to live here...but again some strange feeling tells me that I might be 'forced' to do that at some stage of my life. [Thats another peculiar thing - whenever I have really 'hated' to do something, my dear God has forced me through it... its a kind of test for me]

Thursday, November 8, 2007

and I walk alone.

It was slightly chillier today morning... Rain clouds wrapping themselves around the meek morning sun. I generally reach office by 6.45 AM; I don't really mind coming in so early as I am more of a morning person when it comes to work efficiency levels.

Walking in London is very different than walking in Indian cities; Its nice to walk here... no glares from roadside Romeos, no potholes which can trap your heels, cleaner here, no honking and... seeing so many different kinds of people. I agree it might just be the initial joy of things but I like it for now.

Furthermore, I don't like walking with other people; actually everybody is 'other' to me these days... (except for very very few people)... so I walk alone....

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hate Mondays

I hate Mondays; Abhor them... Mondays give me a sinking feeling about life... its like being forced to drink an awful cough syrup early in the morning...

And the latest discovery is that I hate Mondays irrespective of my location (whether I am in London or Bangalore); London is probably worse because I can't work according to my pace even though its a Monday!

I hate hate hate hate Mondays [:(]