Monday, April 27, 2009

The 40-over carnival

Colourful jerseys, weird coloured (golden! silver!) helmets. Film stars with designer glasses. Fancy names - kings, superkings, knights. One brand on the sleeve, another one of the helmet, and yet another one on the chest. Toned sexy models dancing enthusiastically at every instance the ball crosses the white rope - irrespective of whether the shot was a shot-or-misshot.

Well, lets not deny its an exciting format - and hence a huge marketing opportunity but such an overly stretched schedule doesnt help the cause of the other formats of the game. The senior players who never got time to play Ranji matches are suddenly going all out to prove themselves for the club teammates.... life is always a mixed bag. So, lets crib some and enjoy the rest :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For better or for worse?

Singlehood. Independence. Fun. Friends. Love. Romance. High. Marriage. Couple. Family. Responsibilities. Compromises. Changes. Adjustments. Busy. Trapped. Lost. Different.

Is marriage a progression from a fun-filled life to a sad one? If the answer is a definite yes, why get married? Perhaps girls marry for stability and security; and guys?? Why should they get married. In fact why should even girls get married!! Why!! So many of my friends and cousins have got married recently. Each says life is 'different' after marriage (and they say it with a sad 'gone are those days' kind of tone)... My question is if marriage worsens one's life... why get married? I am about to get get married (Thank you Lord!) in a couple of months and when I see all these married people around me trapped under the burden of the societal pressures and norms... I get a little scared and ask myself time and again: "Are all marriages like this? Should I expect the same from my marriage too?".... All rational decisions are made towards betterment of one's current state; I am marrying by choice.... I am looking forward to my married life... no doubt there will be difficulties and changes but overall I hope our (me n ofcourse my A) marriage makes us happier. If it does not, probably we would have done some definite damage to our lives by getting married.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The reason I would not vote for Congress

First, let me discuss things that I would do if I were to become PM
1. Uniform civil code.
2. Abolishing reservation of all kinds/ forms.
3. Urgent focus on Terrorism and Naxalism.


Now, lets come to the title of the blog... Why I would not vote for Congress

1. They are the biggest perpetrators of the divide-and-rule policy in this country... probably they inherited this from the British era. Be it V.P.Singh or Arjun Singh, there will always be somebody in the Congress to carry on the brigade of reservations. No doubt smaller regional parties do it too, but their impact is the same, 'small, regional'.

All the while that they chant about secularism, they would never dare to talk about uniform civil code in this 'secular' country. If they really care to bring the vast muslim majority into the mainstream, they need to bring them to a common modern day civil code. But No! Congress's self-interest favours the muslim voter to remain poor/ illiterate/ backward - So, they could not care less about social progression/ modernisation of the muslim society.

Just as the British, Congress's divide-and-rule is apparently for the benefit of the weaker classes.
I am sure if Congress comes to power they would enact the reservation bill and would never talk about bringing a uniform civil code in this country. Thats why I would not vote for Congress

2. I have not an iota of doubt in saying that Congress is ultra-soft on terrorism.
- Taliban is knocking at the door and 'honourable' Mrs. Gandhi says communalism is a greater enemy of the country than 'terrorism'. Does she even realise the magnitude of the danger India is facing from terrorism.

- Be it Mr. Antulay's remarks on the death of Hemant Karkare or the 'enquiry' into the Jamia Nagar shootout.... The Congress govt. has time and again insulted India's real heroes! (How could you doubt the integrity of your own special anti-terrorist squad's operations?? that too w.o. any legitimate indicators/ proofs??!! makes me gasp in horror!)

Here, I am sure that Congress would continue to be soft on terror.

I know we are short of good alternatives, but just wanted to put forward my views on why am I striking off Congress from the list......

Since past year or so, I have started hating Congress....

18 till I die!

I was hopping n' jumping around the house yesterday when a thought crossed my mind and I asked myself "How old do you feel 'A'?. The prompt answer was 20->>> no, 19->>> no, I feel 18... yes I still feel 18.

Of course there have been times when I have rumbled about crossing the mid 20s mark.... The thought that it was a good 7-8 years back when I crossed that '18' mark made me sad. I used to roll my eyes in disbelief - "8 years since 18! Gosh!"
But (giving a break to modesty) let me admit that today I feel happy to say - "8 years since 18, but I still feel 18! WOW!"

Probably this is the question we should ask ourselves every birthday - "So, how old do I feel?"

PS: While 90% of this achievement is solely because of me, let me thank another person for this.... My Mr. A**... Love is the best anti-ageing cream!