Thursday, August 19, 2010

Valet Parking

 - Where is the parking?
- You can leave it here Madam.
- No, its ok, I will park.
- The valet is coming and he can park for you. If you want to park, you would have to park a little farther down that lane.
- Oh, is the valet parking free?
- (he switched to hindi) haan madam, yeh nih-shulk hai.
- oh ok, thanks, could you please get it parked for me.

Now, three years earlier, I would have scoffed at somebody trying to save the 100 bucks (this is the amount that many seven-star hotels in Delhi charge) for valet services.

Today, I did it myself! Reasons that I can think are:
1. I am confident of myself. Yes, I am no longer concerned about what a security guard will think of me! and am more sure now that he won't refuse me entry for asking a question like that! 
 2. 100 Rupee does matter to me more than the slight hitch in asking. As you start spending your own money, you realise the importance of it even more.