Saturday, November 20, 2010

Colours, brushes, palettes... .

Hey ppl! I am back after a long break – and believe me I have been planning to do this post since months now!.... And guarantee you something which you have rarely seen on this blog before!! i.e. the artistic side of me… !

Here is one of my  recent DIY (do-it-yourself) projects... (there are slew of them in the offing!) 

Embossed work on Aluminium sheet. 
Size - ~ 20" X 26" (if I correctly remember ;))
Time taken: ~10 yrs (Ya, I see your expression "!!!???"..... did the embossing when I was in school, and then nothing happened for ~10 yrs.... then one fine day so happened that my dearest mom was hell bent on proving my lethargy and she pointed this as an example to AM. AM obviously seized the opportunity and pestered me day-in-day-out to paint and mount it....  He in turn was motivated by the fact that (we think) it will fit well into our drawing space**.... So, here it is.

Comments most welcome!