Monday, June 16, 2008

New job

Hello readers
this would be a short one... i have joined my new job and though i would not get into the details of what it is, I would like to mention that I am looking forward to my experience here... this is gonna be very different from what i have been doing over the past two years - not in terms of my 'field' of work but more in terms of my 'day-to-day' function.
no doubt, i have been feeling at least a bit nostalgic about my previous job, I am looking forward to this one. I would like to accept that I am a bit nervous, a little excited and quite anxious regarding this step of mine.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 08, 2008: On a one way ticket

(and again like few of the other posts, this was actually written aboard a flight from Delhi to Bangalore)

Travelling on a one way ticket is strange and full of memories. The sadness of leaving something behind and the enthusiasm of beginning on a new ground. Its like those schooldays when you were promoted to the next class - for better or for worst!! ;-)
I had been so busy with wrapping up things and packing stuff that didn't realise how May 15 got transformed into June 8. I didn't really feel it till sat (June 7) morning when I told him that... he is gonna miss me.... probably that was actually the realization of the opposite. And as I walked back from the checking counter to see him through the glass wall. I realized. But cheer up girl, these are going to be testing months but just 'transitional'!

---- after say 15 minutes ---

I do not particularly like eating while flying but the KF lunch was tempting and in the end quite satisfying. and as I move forward to make my tea... the milk powder sachet gets torn off in the most embarassing manner and the white powder is all over my shining brown cordroi jacket... what a sight!! what was I thinking!!
anyways I think I handled it pretty well and cleared off myself and the jacket in a very lady-like manner and am back to sleep.... I sleep well on planes and that saves me the boredom and the ear aches.

May 25, 2008: Farewell Bangalore!!

( Like many of my other posts, the date of posting of this post differs from the date when it was written, because I didn't have access to the Internet when I wanted to write... This post for e.g. was written on a romantic, windy evening on a terrace, with me perching on an iron ladder looking at the interplay of the layers of clouds and fleets of southbound birds. )

Last few days in this city of rains. Whatever people might say about Bangalore - I like this place.
Personally speaking, this is the place where I have spent few of the most important years of my life till now - years that have shaped me into the person I am. Years when I grew from a girl into a woman. My first years of independence - of struggle and success, of pain and joy, of wins and losses.
From the protective shields of home, these (years) were my first real tryst with life. I have learnt a lot. I have lived a lot. And I am happy to leave this place on a smiling note and with dreams in my eyes. There was a time (last year March) when I really wanted to run off from this city - but that was not to be - because Bangalore still had some more 'life' in store for me. So, I leave this city now - not out of frustration, but by choice - and yards of memories.
Otherwise too, I think this city is blessed with a very nice (& pampering ) climate (I am gonna be baked in Delhi!!) and beautiful flora & fauna though both are changing now. The natural vegetation is very rich - ferns, palms, varied species of flowers, flowering trees thrive with such an ease in this soil and climate. Its comparatively so much easier to have a 'garden of dreams' in this city than say Delhi where your plants are baked and frozen every twelve months. (It has always been one of my wishes to have a nice garden at home).
Talking of the aerial entities, though I miss the home sparrows, but cranes, eagles and other species of birds more than make up of their absence. And of course, clouds & rains, drizzles and downpours..... This city can definitely boast of one of the best climates in the world (w.r.t other 'cities').
Like every other city, it has its own share of woes. In fact sometimes I think its infrastructure and civilization is gonna collapse, though I obviously pray for the better.
My view of Bangalore is of a well-endowed princess who has unfortunately landed into callous hands.
I am gonna miss this city & all the memories associated with it.

PS: I am leaving a very important 'thing' here - which is mine but still not mine. So, dear Ms Bangalore take care of my stuff till I can claim it for ever.