Monday, August 27, 2012

I worry....

I worry for my long term career
I worry about the fact that I am not clear about my long term goals
I worry about the economy
I worry about the slowing GDP
I worry about MNCs being driven out of India due to political stagnancy
I worry about Bangladeshi immigrants
I worry about BJP not having a leader
I worry about Mum’s skin troubles
I worry about Dad’s ailing heart.
I worry about Dad’s forgetfulness.
I worry about maintaining my romance with A.
I worry about my widening waistline
I worry about my eye wrinkles
I worry about my increasingly visible double-chin
I worry about approaching 30s.
I worry about not owning a home
I worry about a possible child impacting a possible career.
I worry about my sister getting married into a right family and to the right guy
I worry about my sister’s wedding preparations.
I worry about growing apart from my cousins
I worry I worry I worry I worry…. F**** I need to stop worrying!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mood Swing - I lost my cool series - entry 2 [May 09]

Is it the 29 crisis? What is wrong with me? Or maybe I have always been this way? Howsoever I may pretend trying but it’s difficult for me to be good-natured for an extended period of time. Some incorrigible part of me seems to spring up from nowhere and turns me into a snapping, angry woman. Nothing against my poor A, even I am left agape at the unreasonable and unfathomable mood swings of mine. 

Or maybe I always need a high – a high on activity, a high on laughter, a high on strength, a high on physical exhaustion or (I am scared to accept but) maybe even a high on tears. – but I always need a high. Happiness is not enough for me. I demand Euphoria. In Continuous spurts. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

101 things that I want to do in life - 1 to 22....


101 things that I want to do in life
With little introduction to the title of the post, I am going to start
typing right away...
just two things:
- These are in no particular order of priority/ relevance...
- I am probably not going to type 101 things at one go...
- (I know there were supposed to be 2 things, but I just changed my
mind). I am posting after a loooooong time, not because I didnt feel
like, but because in the effort to keep it anonymous, I shifted the
authorship of the blog to a new gmail ID and then forgot the new
username and password :D.... but (very luckily) just when I had
completely given up on efforts to retrieve it, I just manage to
recover my uname/pswd!!!!!
- (ok, I have already broken the '2' limit). For the record, I am
posting from Istanbul, in transit to Dusseldorf (Germany). I am
comfortably seated in a business lounge; and while I am trying not to
flaunt it, the real fact is that contrary to my own expectations (that
I will be ambivalent to B-class), I actually loved it; no reasons for
guessing why..... why because, I managed to peacefully sleep for 5
straight hours in a flight :)

Now, to the subject matter of the post...

1. Start and actively manage a gardening blog
2. Start writing poetry again. - hindi poetry preferably
3. Try my hand at quilling. I just bought a quilling kit. I think they
have just started selling those in India... I am yup so happy!!
4. Euro trip with 'AM'
5. Join dance classes
6. Learn Indian classical dance (pref Bharatnayan/ kuchipudi...) some day..
7. If I have a daughter, I will enable her to learn Indian classical
dance (dont gimme that look, I am not 'forcing' my
yet-unplanned-unborn-may-be-a-girl child.... I said I will 'enable'
her ;-)
8. Want to be a mother - well I will discuss this on a separate post someday
9. Speak fluent Bengali... I can speak in bits and pieces currently
10. I will keep my hair short n'sexy when I am 50+
11. Do a temperature-raising salsa number.... now this one is
preferably with 'AM' again; but, he has two left feet, so... I mean I
have to do the number anyhow!!!
12. Be a good manager, a good boss
13. Learn swimming... at least enough to make use of a pool!
14. Be a sexy mom
15. Sketch better, sketch extensively
16. Be good at my office stuff - no matter what I do, I should do it
well... very well
17. See Ajanta Ellora
18. See Hampi
19. See Ladakh someday, though its difficult for some undisclosable reasons :(


20. I want to make a nice quilling creation
21. I want to have a garden (won't mind if its a 'potted' one even!)
but has to be 'mine'.
22. I want to decorate my garden and do up the interiors myself