Monday, June 28, 2010

Sad & angry

Me is sad.... and angry...

All the excitement of shifting into a new (rented) house has been marred by the current owner refusing to give back our security deposit. Quite a harassing situation I tell ya! Apart from the the fact that we are losing money, the worst thing is the feeling of helplessness ('helplessness' is one feeling that a control-freak like me do not like AT ALL!)...  Just can't accept the fact that he can simply not return our money!!! We are in NO MOOD to give up, less or more, its OUR hard-earned money, and I WANT it BACK :|.

Second the 'honour killings' bother me a lot.... Is this the India our children will grow up in? What is my gotra (my husband's or my father's)? why should my gotra change after marriage? what is gotra anyways and why should it be so paramount?...and what is caste? what is my caste? again, my husband's or my father's.... why should it change anyways.... what would be my kids' caste?? why should it be my husband's caste and not mine ?? do I like it, No....... do I like my husband?... Yes, & I love him too (and very much at that!). Guess the last one is one comforting point that helps me bear the rest of the nonsense that this world is becoming (or may be always was)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Trying to stop my eyelids from giving away the most-common-after-lunch-secret (read 'sleep'), I am trying to type things on to my google page to keep myself engaged... so, I type zxcvbm (try typing that). and I get this as the first in the list.... 

Urban Dictionary: zxcvbnm

people punch these keys on the key board when they get irritated at their computer or have mental problems and believe this is a real word> - Cached - Similar

Visit again...

Ladies & gentleman, you are going to witness some serious interior designing in the coming months. A & me are about to shift to a new house (yeah, its a rented acco, but still OUR home) and my creative urges are itching to burst out. Watch out this space.

Slow down, look, move

Laws of the universe are so true in so very different situations. For example, while driving on a heavy traffic road (which I do for 2 hours daily! no wonder I am deriving learnings from there!), its better to keep a distance from the vehicle ahead, this would give you a view of the neighboring lanes as well; then only one can look for best gaps to drive faster.... trying to accelerate without a direction in mind, doesn't yield much. (Yes, I do change lanes reasonably often while driving, this in India!).

Same is true of life. One should try stepping back, observing his/her self (& his/her life), and then move. Blind races don't yield much, Strategies pay.