Friday, October 29, 2010

The expensive gift that I didn't like :(

How is it?!, said an excited, loving AM.
Hmm, 'you tell me how it looks on me!', said a trying-to-look-excited', hesitant me, trying to hide my real emotion....

Well, the fact of the matter was straight, I didn't like the diamond pendant-earring set that I was just gifted. Secondly, the fact that we have been trying to save for our house down payment, such an expenditure seemed so unwarranted to me, esp. given the fact that I am not too gungho about gold from a fashionista perspective (its a great investment though!).

But somehow I managed to evade it.... but not for long though, an hour later as AM and me were driving down to drop me to office, he asked again 'I think you didn't like it too much'.... that was enough to start me off in clarification of 'why I didn't like it'...  and in the process I did manage to make it clear 'I DID N'T LIKE IT!' .....sometimes its so rightly advisable to shut-one's crappy opinion to self... but I didn't and here I I spoilt it all for him in so many words... :( :(

ultimately, he did add in frustration.... 'AS, you are such a difficult person to gift!'.... well, which girl would cringe at a loving 30k gold jewellery gift on Karwachauth'!! ??probably I am.

PS: I did add in the middle of the conversation somewhere that 30k could have bought lenses for my 'desired' SLR camera! .... and also managed to ask him 'how much making did they charge on the jewellery?'