Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost and found

A short quick sequence of my mobile getting lost and found (within 15 mins) made me realise that I am indeed very lucky....

Now, how is that significant???
Most of us would agree that given all due respect to our 'karmas', few amongst us are sheer 'lucky'... I thought I was of the 'average luck' sorts, but this incident made me think that I might actually be of the 'more luckier sorts'...

Now, how does that change things for me??
Nothing much; I will still have to strive for my goals with equal efforts; What it might change is my 'attitude' towards my luck... Positive thinking (a.k.a. The secret) you see! :D :D ...

PS: I am generally an optimist but at times I tend to inhibit my optimism (for the sake of following the 'lower expectations, greater joy' mantra)... So, at times, I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

'friendly' banter

(on a chat window)

ME: Shall we please go for lunch?
HE: in 10 mins?
ME: I am hungry
HE: eat my head :-) (smile)
ME: if ever i choose to be non-vegetarian
ME: ur head would be the last thing i eat
ME: cause its bhoosa inside skull
HE: :( (sad and wailing)
ME: so if i am veg i wont eat it
ME: bcoz
ME: the 'skull' is bone
ME: and bone is non-veg
ME: and if m non-veg
ME: i wont eat it still bcoz
ME: its veg in the garb of nonveg
HE: :O (surprised)
HE: (furious)
ME: (smirk)

Once more on 'Rabbi'

Please refer to the following link (towards the end) for introduction

I have been listening to his songs for over two years now and they are quite a regular feature on my playlists.... I have always believed that the best test for 'good music' (as for numerous other things) is the 'test of time'. If you feel like listening/ revisiting a song after every now and then, over a period of few years - and still it sounds interesting and thought provoking - that would be its greatest testimony.
For Rabbi-lovers like me (Yes, I am turning into an ardent fan of his music), he is sure to be counted amongst the greats on the Indian music scene - and mind you, the instrumentals of his songs are rather 'popular' (in the sense that its not like listening to 'ghazals' which would appeal to only a particular kind of taste), but still they are nice, classy, rythmic and very tastefully done - but I think the key difference lies in the lyrics of his songs and themes he explores. Unfortunately, most of them are in punjabi so people who can't understand punjabi at all might just miss the soul of his music...

And I recently realised that his is definitely not a small fan club - in fact his music is acquiring a cult status all over (see this )

And just as his thousand of other fans, I too am eagerly looking forward to his next album. Fingers crossed!