Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mood Swing - I lost my cool series - entry 2 [May 09]

Is it the 29 crisis? What is wrong with me? Or maybe I have always been this way? Howsoever I may pretend trying but it’s difficult for me to be good-natured for an extended period of time. Some incorrigible part of me seems to spring up from nowhere and turns me into a snapping, angry woman. Nothing against my poor A, even I am left agape at the unreasonable and unfathomable mood swings of mine. 

Or maybe I always need a high – a high on activity, a high on laughter, a high on strength, a high on physical exhaustion or (I am scared to accept but) maybe even a high on tears. – but I always need a high. Happiness is not enough for me. I demand Euphoria. In Continuous spurts.