Friday, December 28, 2007

oh, thats the average engineer rate! My son is an MBA

Dowry. To those who think that its an 'old-world' custom, think again. It is in fact a very much prevalent 'custom' and in fact is getting even more worse in modern cities than ever before.

The richer you are, the greedier you become… And there are 'eligible' bachelors (or so they call themselves!), talking about the 'logic' in this senseless system. There are guys with distinguished educational backgrounds (reputed schools, IITs, best B-schools and so on), earnings several lakhs and still expecting 'dowry' in marriage. In fact, their educational qualifications help them push their 'rates' by another 35-50 lakh…. But mind you, no concessions for being an equally qualified working women, that is taken for granted.

Agreed, that in the olden days weddings were like treated like a trade agreement. So, there were kings marrying five times to improve relations with five different neighboring chiefs. Or, in the lower classes it was about sustenance of a grand family. But that’s no longer the case… modern marriages are supposed to be partnerships. Then why should this concept of money changing hands arise!! Is it like parents 'selling-off' their sons?? Or the sons selling themselves off?? Huh...

On a broader side of it, the practice of dowry (& the rocketing dowry rates) is one of the main reasons why a girl child is considered a burden even in economically well-off families. Stories of female infanticides are well-known; and in the affluent classes, well-accepted. As the modern Indian cities move toward nuclear families, guys don't even prefer to stay with their parents; so a girl child can actually support her parents as well as a boy can. In fact, on an average, girls are definitely much more compassionate and loving towards their parents than guys, then why this differentiation?

All of these issues find their roots in 'gender inequality'. I am not a feminist but I am an 'equalist'. I wish our education system could inculcate such basic righteous values in our children…

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Have you ever thought about tomorrow? I mean have you ever thought on the lines of 'What if I am not going to live till tomorrow'? How would you live your life….

That thought aside, have you ever thought about 'What do I really really want?'… I have tried asking this to myself several times but I am not getting a definite answer… and I don't like this at all [:(]

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My latest Love

I loved the movie Jab we met… (sorry for the misleading subject ;-))... but REALLY I just loved it…every thing is superb about the movie - direction, songs, characters, acting, humour, timing …. And above all it’s a feel-good movie without looking synthetic… I saw the movie first (yes, I have seen it several times already) when I was in London; with every passing week my love for the movie has grown several times... and By God, Shahid Kapoor is ummmm...