Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 08, 2008: On a one way ticket

(and again like few of the other posts, this was actually written aboard a flight from Delhi to Bangalore)

Travelling on a one way ticket is strange and full of memories. The sadness of leaving something behind and the enthusiasm of beginning on a new ground. Its like those schooldays when you were promoted to the next class - for better or for worst!! ;-)
I had been so busy with wrapping up things and packing stuff that didn't realise how May 15 got transformed into June 8. I didn't really feel it till sat (June 7) morning when I told him that... he is gonna miss me.... probably that was actually the realization of the opposite. And as I walked back from the checking counter to see him through the glass wall. I realized. But cheer up girl, these are going to be testing months but just 'transitional'!

---- after say 15 minutes ---

I do not particularly like eating while flying but the KF lunch was tempting and in the end quite satisfying. and as I move forward to make my tea... the milk powder sachet gets torn off in the most embarassing manner and the white powder is all over my shining brown cordroi jacket... what a sight!! what was I thinking!!
anyways I think I handled it pretty well and cleared off myself and the jacket in a very lady-like manner and am back to sleep.... I sleep well on planes and that saves me the boredom and the ear aches.

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