Monday, August 25, 2008

What happened to my blogging!?

Don't know... There are times when its difficult to paraphrase our emotions in words other than the already spoken and the unspoken.
Too much happening around. A new turmoil everyday; A lot of negative energy; Each hour is a test with myself as well as with the world.
Hopefully, it will all end up well, till then lets hope for the end.

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furor said...

totally understand you ... went through something quite similar .. well .. atleast on the feeling front ...

The good thing is .... you can return to your blog at any time ... when you've calmed down ... n can actually think of putting words on the blog ... it can be quite difficult at times ... :)

the solace lies in the fact that ... it's always there ... go through the process ... take time to heal .. but do come back ... there are people reading all you have to say ... TC..