Thursday, January 28, 2010

Learnings from a job-seeker

Frequent job changes might or might not be good for your career.... and mind you its not optional at times, there is a bit of luck involved here... The if's that can disturb an ongoing job are numerous: my-new-boss-is-a-sickening-mentally-ill-incorrigible-ba****, -its-recession-time-so-, -we-think-that-you-are-the-worst-employee-that-we-have-seen-in-our-lifetime, or may be a softer...your-performance-is-not-upto-the-mark, -the-company-owner-passed-away-so-we-are-redoing-our-strategy, -you-have-become-expensive-for-us-after-your-promotion-this-year, -we-have-creditors-banging-on-our-door-so-.... mind you I am not making these up, these are all examples of what I have seen happening to my friends/ acquaintances/ colleagues.

But thats not what I was here to talk about.... I want to highlight that a 'job-search', however tedious, irritating, and at times f***ing frustrating process it might be, it does have a positive side to it:

1. You come to know your actual 'market price'; just in case your current salary made you forget that... of course you can be currently over-valued, under-valued.... 

2. You try to revise all the stuff that you read long time ago but were no longer useful for your current profile... its nice to breakaway from the lingo of your current profile and learn about something else

3. You try 'Linked-in'-ing more often

4. You look back to your current job (before the turmoil) and say 'oh, that was nice'.... now you wouldn't have said that when you were actually at that point of time...

5. You look at your CV and suddenly realize - oh hell, its been X years since I graduated!


Puneet Sethi said...

This is what my favorite Ghalib had to say when he, the free spirited nomad, got a full time Job in King's Court and was asked to say something in honor of the king:)..........................

Ghalib Wazifa-Khwaar(Paid employee) ho , do shah (King) ko dua.
Woh Din gaye,jab kehte the, naukar nahin ho mein :)

Do we really need jobs to identify ourselves?:)

I me myself said...

Well, No we don't needs 'job' per se to identify ourselves... But we do need 'karma' to identify ourselves... this 'karma' can obviously be on-the-job or off-the-job... So, IF I don't have a 'job' and IF I am not doing 'off-the-job' too... my Karma metrics drops down to zero.
That still doesn't stop me from identifying myself though... I am 'zero-worth' :)

But I do believe that our jobs can not and must not be our major 'identification'....

Puneet Sethi said...

All i can say :)

Kuch Na tha to khuda tha,
Kuch na Hota to Khuda hota,
Duboya mujhe hone ne,
Na Hota mein to kya hota?