Friday, March 5, 2010

back in action!

From an MNC environ and investment banking/ research domain, I am now with an Indian construction company (in a corporate finance role)
People have been asking me why did I take this job? Well, it's pretty simple for me to answer, though their attention span doesn't survive my explanation.
So, here am I blogging about it…

I am here to learn. This move was not intended to be a precursor to profile X which can lead to profile Y and then ultimately profile Z.
I am here to learn. Full stop.
I want to work, I want to accomplish something. I want to do something fruitful.
I want 'not to be bored' with my job.
I want to be within an 'action' environment.
in short, I want to learn
And this is a big enough motivation for me.

Now, I understand that this all comes with huge baggage:
An operating company environment is very different than an advisory one, there are people from diverse background and hence diverse 'issues'.
It is a construction company, so office support functions are weak to say the least (I have been trying to procure a rim of A4 sheets for printing since past two days!).
There are semblances of politics at all levels – high, mid, low… and so on…  
And worst of all (and the only one that makes me sad) is the 6 day work week!

But, in spite of all this, I am excited about my work. Though I am being cautious in my excitement. But let's see how it goes! but for now thank you Lord!

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Puneet Sethi said...

happy bday ..and all the best :)

Safar mein dhoop to hogi jo chal sako to chalo,
sabhi hain bheed mein tum bhi aage nikal sako to chalo.
Raahen kahan kis k liye badalti hain,
Tum apne aap ko agar badal sako to chalo............ :)