Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are you anxious? I am.

Are you anxious? I am.
My political views: Moderate rightist.
and what do I mean by that? It means that I am a proud Hindu but I do believe that everybody has a right to practice their religion. All religions are true. However, why do I call myself a rightist then? Because I think that some amount of 'hardline' Hindu elements are required to counterbalance the politics of appeasement that we have been subject to under decades of Congress rule. So, I am caught, I do not believe in 'militant' Hinduism, however I think that some amount of 'resolute'/ 'strong'/ 'stubborn' Hindu elements are a 'necessary evil' for 'True Secularism' to come to front - wherein the State wouldn't care about your religion.

My qualms with the Indian Muslims
However, I think that the Muslim population in India (& across the world) has a typical trait. They partition the country they live in. Be it British-India, Czechoslovakia, erstwhile USSR or now Kashmir; somehow their Muslim identity always overcomes the identity of the Nation that they live in - They always seem to be asking for a 'separate land' (rather than for say development).
Now, I agree thats too much of generalization, so I would add some specific points to it. Religions, just like people, need to change according to times. Christianity has 'moderatized', so did Hinduism, and so did Buddhism; however, the Muslims (and I can say that about India) have had no meaningful reforms. So, in a way, its an anachronistic faith in current times. This has caused problems, since there are no 'voice' for 'moderate muslims' (I do hope there are some).
Muslims are a militant lot - I do understand that this is a vicious cycle of poverty, illiteracy, backwardness, militancy, alienation from society, poverty, illit..... and so on..... However, that doesn't change that Muslims are a militant lot. and sometimes 'Force' can only be dealt with 'Force'...  or a revolution from within. With no 'internal reforms' in sight, its just remains 'Force' vs 'Force'

Are you anxious? I am.
Ayodhya judgement is awaited tomorrow. and I am anxious, very anxious.


Puneet Sethi said...

Last night I got stuck in a 3 hour long Trafffic Jam, was more axious to reach home safely than anything else.

Sometimes its only the pure vanila basic survival that drives you.

Being rightist or a leftist is a good thought but sometimes its just being centered in any situation that matters :)

I me myself said...

I don't disagree...