Tuesday, January 17, 2012

101 things that I want to do in life - 1 to 22....


101 things that I want to do in life
With little introduction to the title of the post, I am going to start
typing right away...
just two things:
- These are in no particular order of priority/ relevance...
- I am probably not going to type 101 things at one go...
- (I know there were supposed to be 2 things, but I just changed my
mind). I am posting after a loooooong time, not because I didnt feel
like, but because in the effort to keep it anonymous, I shifted the
authorship of the blog to a new gmail ID and then forgot the new
username and password :D.... but (very luckily) just when I had
completely given up on efforts to retrieve it, I just manage to
recover my uname/pswd!!!!!
- (ok, I have already broken the '2' limit). For the record, I am
posting from Istanbul, in transit to Dusseldorf (Germany). I am
comfortably seated in a business lounge; and while I am trying not to
flaunt it, the real fact is that contrary to my own expectations (that
I will be ambivalent to B-class), I actually loved it; no reasons for
guessing why..... why because, I managed to peacefully sleep for 5
straight hours in a flight :)

Now, to the subject matter of the post...

1. Start and actively manage a gardening blog
2. Start writing poetry again. - hindi poetry preferably
3. Try my hand at quilling. I just bought a quilling kit. I think they
have just started selling those in India... I am yup so happy!!
4. Euro trip with 'AM'
5. Join dance classes
6. Learn Indian classical dance (pref Bharatnayan/ kuchipudi...) some day..
7. If I have a daughter, I will enable her to learn Indian classical
dance (dont gimme that look, I am not 'forcing' my
yet-unplanned-unborn-may-be-a-girl child.... I said I will 'enable'
her ;-)
8. Want to be a mother - well I will discuss this on a separate post someday
9. Speak fluent Bengali... I can speak in bits and pieces currently
10. I will keep my hair short n'sexy when I am 50+
11. Do a temperature-raising salsa number.... now this one is
preferably with 'AM' again; but, he has two left feet, so... I mean I
have to do the number anyhow!!!
12. Be a good manager, a good boss
13. Learn swimming... at least enough to make use of a pool!
14. Be a sexy mom
15. Sketch better, sketch extensively
16. Be good at my office stuff - no matter what I do, I should do it
well... very well
17. See Ajanta Ellora
18. See Hampi
19. See Ladakh someday, though its difficult for some undisclosable reasons :(


20. I want to make a nice quilling creation
21. I want to have a garden (won't mind if its a 'potted' one even!)
but has to be 'mine'.
22. I want to decorate my garden and do up the interiors myself


Author: Furor said...

Interesting list. Made me wonder what All of us are about.

Anjali said...

but i was amazed to think that I couldnt go beyond 20-22 at one go; i was imagining that i can!

Puneet Sethi said...

Jaane Kya Khwaish Hai humari
hum Andhyion Mein Diya Jala Raha Hai
Koi Sunta Nahin Hai Phir Bhi
Hum Apna Haal-E-Dil Suna Rahe Hai
Jamana Kya Hai Wo Mujhko Bata Raha Hai
Wo Har Ek Rang Uska Mujhko Dikha Raha Hai

Fiddle Dee dee!!! said...

well thereyou go...cut off number 17 :)