Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who is the beast?

The latest Census figures show that tiger population in India (home to approx 40% tigers of the world) has halved over the past five years - The wild cats count stands at 1,411 now, down from 3,642 in the last major survey in 2002. [However, certain section of press doubt that 2002 numbers were largely rigged].

At the beginning of the century there were close to 40,000 tigers in India. The numbers fell to 1,827 in 1972; however after the Project Tiger began in 1972, the numbers rose to a happy 3,507 in 1997. However, the happiness was not to last for long.... Since then, inspite of crores of rupees spent in the name of tiger preservation, the numbers have dwindled by 60% to a meagre 1411.

Terror has been spread wide across the states… and is shocking to the say the least…
…And the famous Sariska has no tigers left!!

We all know the reasons/ processes which are responsible for drawing these beautiful cats so close to extinction; so I won't elaborate on that.

The thought that comes to my mind is... Apart from humans, there is no other species in animal kingdom who kills for leisure/ thrills/ frills… So, who is the beast amongst us all?

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Puneet Sethi said...

hamko unse wafa ki hai ummeed
jo naheeN jaante wafa kya hai