Thursday, March 13, 2008

'friendly' banter

(on a chat window)

ME: Shall we please go for lunch?
HE: in 10 mins?
ME: I am hungry
HE: eat my head :-) (smile)
ME: if ever i choose to be non-vegetarian
ME: ur head would be the last thing i eat
ME: cause its bhoosa inside skull
HE: :( (sad and wailing)
ME: so if i am veg i wont eat it
ME: bcoz
ME: the 'skull' is bone
ME: and bone is non-veg
ME: and if m non-veg
ME: i wont eat it still bcoz
ME: its veg in the garb of nonveg
HE: :O (surprised)
HE: (furious)
ME: (smirk)


Raghuveeran said...

thanks for dropping by... hope both "he and me" in ur post were vetty in the process... pity HE... [:D]

I me myself said...

I think he would agree... HE has to!! ;-)

btw. HE doesn't have the privilege to read this blog :D