Tuesday, April 14, 2009

18 till I die!

I was hopping n' jumping around the house yesterday when a thought crossed my mind and I asked myself "How old do you feel 'A'?. The prompt answer was 20->>> no, 19->>> no, I feel 18... yes I still feel 18.

Of course there have been times when I have rumbled about crossing the mid 20s mark.... The thought that it was a good 7-8 years back when I crossed that '18' mark made me sad. I used to roll my eyes in disbelief - "8 years since 18! Gosh!"
But (giving a break to modesty) let me admit that today I feel happy to say - "8 years since 18, but I still feel 18! WOW!"

Probably this is the question we should ask ourselves every birthday - "So, how old do I feel?"

PS: While 90% of this achievement is solely because of me, let me thank another person for this.... My Mr. A**... Love is the best anti-ageing cream!

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