Tuesday, May 26, 2009


11.00 AM
....Tnnn tnnanann tnnnn...

She: Hello

He: Hello.... (a meek voice...) ek gadbad ho gayi hai....

She: (curious) kya hua?

He: courier aapke neighbours ko deliver ho gaya hai?

She: (taken aback) which courier? Did you send something again?
(Now, normally girls would be happy to receive couriers from their fiances but living with your parents alters the situation...)

He: ya...

She: What? Was it a packed thing or ... or flowers again?

He: ummm (scared for his life) the second one...

She: (furious) Flowers!? so, they have reached the neighbours now! With your name there? and mine too? and some love message!!?
(The situation is that we are engaged but my family decided not to make the announcement public till the marriage date is confirmed.... Now, the situation is that this info would spread like a wildfire, as it does in middle-class Delhi neighbourhoods. I give a damn to the neighbours, but my parents don't! and that was my worry.... neighbours telling my dad that "your daughter has a bf"... imagine!)

He: Yes... I gave them specific instructions to deliver it only at the specified address but...

She: They never do! and you know they never do!! It has happened before also!!... why did you do this yaar... why do you do such things..... everything is going fine, why this ruckus...

He: (silent)

She: I know its so nice of you to send me flowers but how can you do such things w.o. thinking about their consequences.
(I said to myself: "One day I tell him to be more romantic, the very next day he will send me the flowers! what an easy way to show romanticism!!! uuuurrrgghhh")

He: hmmm

She: dgsdfgdfghsdgf egsdeghsdgf

He: hmm

She: gsdfg ergsdf hrdgb edrgd gesgr

15 mins of discussions later....
She: can you pls ask that guy to collect it back from the neighbours saying that its a wrong packet...

He: ummm... ok...

1 hour and 30 calls later
He: he will collect it back

She: thnku!!! :)

10 mins later
She: the packet has been delivered by the neighbour to my mom. The courier boy was informed about this by the neighbour when he reached there to collect it. mom came back early from the office.....:(

He: oh :( :(

8.30 PM
I reach home and find a huge bouquet of roses on the table. After a lot of details and reasoning with my parents.... i was spared their fury.... I flick the mini-card from the bouquet. It says "Happy anniversary, to my financial wizard GF - love AM"

It was my turn to go "Ohh!" .... It was 19th May - we got engaged on 19 feb - It was our first quarter engagement anniversary....

I smiled to myself.... blushing at his sweetness and love... and my head hung low for not realising this since morning ( he doesnt expect me to remember dates, but this was a bit stretched, poor he! )... while I was shouting at his stupidity, i had forgotten about the flowers... :(

wonderful life..! :)

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