Monday, May 11, 2009

Marriage and blogging

Well, first of all congrats to me for reaching my 101st post (yes, the last one was my 100th!!)...

Is marriage detrimental to the hobby called 'blogging'? So, many blogs that I used to enthusiastically follow, have died a sudden death after the authors got married.
Even worse is when people have painfully deleted or made their blogs 'private'...
So, coming back to the question, is marriage detrimental to the hobby called 'blogging'? One argument can be that blogging is a sand-bag for loners, so once a person is married, they dont need unknown audiences over the web; they have just earned the right to torture one single person with all their monologues...
Another reason can be that they no longer want to share their lives.... they don't have much that can be 'shared' anymore ;)...
Whats your take dear readers??


Santanu said...

Well, I do not agree with whoever says that blogging is a sand-bag for loners. I can say that if you are feeling lonely sometimes or if you do not have anything to do, then you do blog, sharing some of your experiences or opinions with your friends, just to pass time or to enjoy writing.

As for marriage being detrimental to blogging, it is all up to the person concerned. One may not be interested in sharing too personal experiences while blogging, but then there are many moments which everybody comes across in their lives and those can certainly be shared, may not necessarily as an open blog but amongst friends who are part of his/her coterie. Restrictions are something which is created by the persons themselves. There can be several reasons why people can stop what they used to do after marriage:
a) may be that people do not get enough time since they have to give time to their spouses !! But if somebody has been blogging just to pass time, then marriage will certainly kill this habit. As for the serious ones, I think they will surely find their time out, maybe when their spouses are not around or are asleep.
b) The other reason can be that whoever used to write personal blogs, they restrict themselves after marriage in such activities because their spouses object to it. But there are many general things in our lives which can still be written and people should continue.

My take is that if people stop something which they love to do after marriage, life is just like the flowing river water, not the rapids where you get excitements to cherish and enjoy.

Minal said...

you should hop over to mine and read- been almost seven years that have been married - and, all is there on that space.

Puneet Sethi said...

कविता मोह तोड़ चुकी है

भाषा टोह छोड़ चुकी है

तूने पहले मुख था फेरा

अब कल्पना द्रोह छोड़ चुकी है

शब्द थे पहले झर झर झरते

काव्य तेरी स्याही उतरते

तू भूली उनको पहले

अब वो तेरा चाव विसरते

मैंने कहा:

तुम मेरी कामना हो भाषा

था बड़े प्यार से तुम्हे तराशा

फ़िर शिखर तक पहुंचूंगी इक दिन

तुम हाथ तो दो ज़रा सा


I me myself said...

@Minal: Well yes! I hope I paste the same line on your blog 7 years from now :D.... and i hope you still stay ahead of the curve !:)

I me myself said...

@Puneet: aameen :)