Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts unwinded

.... Mayawati erecting her own statues all over U.P.... heights of self-obsession... leave alone the thought about public money
.... job: well right now my only motivation is my salary... and probably the name... dont like the thing i am currently working on... i want to enjoy it but not happening right now. probably i should keep patience... and also i dont have an immediate alternative.... on an optimistic note, "to hell with it".... take your bucks and enjoy! well but...
... Hollowness meter: We are all hollow from within - the % of hollowness varies... we preach something, practice something else... We might think that we are practice what we preach but one deep look will give you an idea... we don't always keep pur promises... we expect something from the world, but refuse to give the world the same... I call all this being "hollow"... not 100% hollow... % would vary from person to person
... everybody has problems, has issues, has strengths, has weaknesses, has aspirations, has dreams, has respect...
... Women need no reservations... neither for the parliament seats, nor for jobs... the fact that women don't have proportionate jobs/ seats/ representation is because they don't deserve it.... I don't say that they don't have the potential, just that they do not have the will.... Till we earn it, we need not have it!
.... I find Rajdeep Sardesai very attractive... Karan thapar is good, udayan is good too... but Rajdeep makes me drool... (not always but often ;) )
.... Salsa is fun... salsa is hot... salsa is sensuous... i miss my bangalore salsa instructor
.... Indians are very very much racist - and there is no need for debate on facts.


Santanu said...

Nice thoughts... as for your preaching and practicing thing, I believe that situations force you to practice something else which you don't want to. Sometimes, it becomes inevitable and we are forced to do it. Its probably good to keep doing what we are supposed to do (in work) and keep enjoying the way we want to without bothering much about other things. But its tough. We also need to keep our eyes and ears open so that people don't stab us from behind. What say?

I me myself said...

Spot on! but there are so many forces between... but again life is a journey not a goal... so I shall keep doing my best... and when i get tired/ disturbed/ amused/ ecstatic, i shall keep on pouring some here (i.e.on the blog!)...!

tomatoes in the rain said...

eclectic string of thoughts...interesting read therefore
btw, i like that 'hollowness' meter...i wonder whether it cd be 'shallowness' meter though...or maybe both can happily co-exist! :)