Friday, August 28, 2009


He: BTW, you are coming to drop your laptop and my stuff today evening, aren't you?

SHE: why should I!? do your own stuff

HE: Depends on you. Take your call.

ME: No!!!! you got to loosen up and give something hon! coz 'A1' is no kind and loving girlfriend! She’s one of the _b****_ ones! She demands favours! and presents... or may be down-on-the-knees-begging. Nothing comes free....

PS: For anonymity purposes, I have decided that his blog-name be A2. Cause' me is A1


Divesh said...

"HE", "SHE" and "ME".. now there are three characters? :D

I me myself said...


That was in the postscript. Me is the only SHE for HE :)