Friday, August 28, 2009

champa, money plants, palms and the rest...

“Wow, look at the grass stains on my skin. I say, if you knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.” - Calvin and Hobbes

Well, thats what has been happening to me for the past few months. Though I am very happy about the fact that I am getting married this November. But to talk about the present - Its getting a little dull...

Anyways, I shall sort that out soon.

Meanwhile, I realise, some people are really cruel to plants:
Somebody broke one hand of my 8 ft Y-shaped Champa (Plumeria) tree. If I find that ba*****, I shall break his arm and make him realise how it feels. And if I dont gather enough cruelty to do that, I shall atleast wrench his hair out of his scalp.... hair can re-grow, so thats less cruel, although that f**** didnt realise how he has wrecked my carefully nurtured 9 year old potted baby!!! @#$#$%$%

Another irritating incident, while I was watering my plants early in the morning... one auntyji comes and says "Beta, zara pooja ke liye phool de dena"... I stared at her and gave her few small marigolds.
She gave me a disappointed look and continued "Woh waale de do", pointing at the giant ones.
... "Excuse me!! Thats emotional blackmail in the name of God. First, auntyJI if you would like to offer flowers to God then you have two options: Buy flowers or grow them on your own! Why should my garden contribute to your offering.... and daily at least 50 people cross this lane towards that temple, what if each one of them starts doing the same! Also, these are MY flowers, if they are to be offered to God, I, NOT YOU , shall be the offerer!!! Go, take a walk."................ Well, that was what I said to myself; To her, I politely offered few more tiny marigolds, and a STARE . Stay off from my garden Lady!

Then there was this incident when somebody stole almost all of my gigantic dahlias... and in the process destroyed the plants too.... It was really painful, I cried inconsolably then.

People do speak about their pets, but seldom about their plants. I am an avid gardener, specially considering the limited space that I have. One has to really water them, care for them, specially in the scorching Delhi summers and frosting winters. Poor beings, they can neither use an AC nor a rajaai :( ... They really really suffer.

That brings me to another thought. I feel so helpless on seeing the money plant leaves turn charcoal black (as if somebody has put a candle under it!) due to sun; and a similar helplessness on seeing the palms turn yellow due to fog. How would a farmer feel??.... for me, all said and done, its a hobby/ passion. But for them its their livelihood. I at least have tap water to help them survive through (though not all survive :( ) the peak summers, but what about a poor farmer who put in all his money in buying the seeds, but couldn't make them sprout.... Aah Painful.

To all those reading this blog, I urge you to be more sympathetic towards plants. These are speechless children, they can't describe their feelings, but they do feel.... they really do


Anant said...

i would have told the lady that these are my plants and are not for sacrifice. period. i dont know why this cant be said. i would even say that you were not responsible about your plants and let them be given just because you wanted to be good/ outwardly polite in her eyes. no offence meant !
on top of it you are telling others to be sensitive and all..sad.

I me myself said...

Hmmm :( True... agree

Fiddle Dee dee!!! said...

True. Even though I dont have a special soft corner for plants, I can imagine how would it feel if somebody plucks the flower you have been waiting for weeks or destroys the plant you have been nursing for years. :(

I me myself said...

Waise, update is that my knees are more often turning green these days... pics due!