Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is just an observation. I am not generalizing at all to include the whole 'guys' universe; in fact its a very recent observation... specific to some of the groups around me these days

Its like this: Guys are like Lions. They have clear demarcation of 'their' territories (read 'girls'). So, if Ms. A is Mr. AA's girl; mind you, A need not be AA's girlfriend, it can be a one sided liking, or even just a one-sided 'time-pass interest'..... So, if A is AA's 'girl', its an unsaid rule that any other male member in the group (say Mr. BB)should not even be her 'friend' (leave alone 'liking' her!). What I mean by friend' here is that Mr. BB is not allowed to call up the girl w.o. any genuine purpose, can not invite the girl to a party/ outing, should not talk excessively to the girl (specially when AA is not around), should not initiate conversation with the girl... Basically, he should be nothing beyond 'being on talking terms'... all these are unsaid rules. And if BB breaks these unsaid rules, BB is betraying AA. AA will see this as a 'challenge', a 'betrayal'. Its irrelevant how deep is AA's interest in A, its about 'ethics'!! [:o]...

Woa! Not that I understand people very well and though I had heard about such things, witnessing it in full glory was very entertaining indeed!


furor said...

Been there .. seen that ... probably in class 6 ... it's true ...n It's kinda absurd .. and usually people grow out of it .... if you're witnessing this in office .. it's a sad case of stunted growth .. :) ... those guys have a lot of growing up to do ... (n you'd wonder why they don't have girlfriends?? lol )

Puneet Sethi said...

All i can say is pakad ke LOL :))