Friday, October 5, 2007

Dil dosti etc

Saw 'Dil Dosti etc' yesterday. For those who are still wondering 'what-the-hell-is-that', its a movie starring Shreyas Talpade and Imaad Shah (son of the great Naseeruddin Shah).

The movie is 'fine-to-good', it just falls short of being 'really good' - Why- I don't know. The performances were good and the 'genre' was communicated well.

Its a movie about growing up (college years) and I would say that it gets quite close to reality... The good part of the movie is that it does not go into justifying the events; like all 'good' movies, it leaves that to the audience. It portrays its characters well.... leaves you with certain questions to ponder over.... If you have already crossed that age (like me), you might be reminded of few moments/ friends/ situations/ questions... If you are still in that age, well then you should be a able to relate to it...

Music supports the movie and falls in aptly; i liked 'lamha yeh jayega kahan' and 'dum lagga'.... 'Lamha yeh' is a soft, slightly 'thinking' song while 'dum lagga' is more of a 20-somethings-guys-talk kind of song - I feel, somehow it adds to the movie.

Overall, I liked the movie; I like this genre of movies.

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