Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My apartment in London

This was long due... was itching to blog but wasn't getting any time at all. Life is so hectic out here and also got so much to see/ do/ experience....

My apartment is nice. Its a fully furnished 1 bhk. Has an awesome bath tub (with rainbath and few other knickknacks ). Bed is large, cosy and comfortable. Its not walking distance from office so I have to take a tube, but not too bad... I like travelling by local transport; I have always felt that its the best way to 'know the city'. Anyways, we were discussing about my apartment. Kitchen is beautiful too; very nicely designed, sleek and sexy. One of the typical NY/ Lndn kitchens where you won't know which-door-is-which. Have a TV but have to survive on FTA (free to air) channels - doesn't matter as I don't really crave for TV. Have a music system too but not sure how to operate it; actually never bothered because I am carrying my laptop this time. For the uninformed, my laptop is my music repository. Also there are some fake orchid flowerpots which I find very intriguing for some strange reason.

Have an array of drawers (very useful mind you), cupboards, comfortable sofa chairs, centre table, dining table, chairs etc.… Another interesting thing is that there is some party/ get together place directly opposite to my window (my room is on the first floor); every night there are groups people playing darts there! There is a 'uptown-looking' bar below my apartment building i.e. on the ground floor.

I think that more or less defines my living place here… More about my trip later!

PS: Not able to t/f pics yet [:(], will post later


furor said...

so .. what all have you managed to see and experience till now?

good job describing the apartment .. but you really should take those pictures you keep mentioning that you will ..

I me myself said...

and you should answer the poen on your blog!! I have checked it hundreds of times to check if you have replied... !