Monday, October 15, 2007

In the name of love

In the darkness of night, I scream alone
Tears, pain, agonies unknown

Past that has past, but not yet gone
I hide it in my heart, my soul forlorn

Something died in me, the world will never know
The twinkle of my eyes died on the lines of your brow

Your promises, your love, your decisions wise
Silence of the room and my intermittent cries

"Stay", I sobbed, cried and wept
Your few words and my world was swept

Yes, I died then and there, my blood dripped from your glove
Oh your weak affections!.. killed me in the name of love..

1 comment:

Manee said...

A part in me was starved to death...that day...
and even if today you come and fall on to my knees, it won't be alive ever again...

I always love your poems.Coz I relate to them uncannily.