Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to say 'I am happy'? Just say it!

Why is that people blog less when they are happy? Because they have better things to do [:p]..Oh, dear fellow bloggers, please don’t be offended, I am just kidding…

I think it is because its easier to express sorrow/ thoughts in words, joy/ happiness are much more difficult to portray... In case you are wondering why am I opening up a previous thread of thought, I shall announce that I am happy these days; There are things still holding me back but I am happy….

And I wanted to write a blog expressing my 'happiness' for quite some time now but failed; so I thought I shall put it discretely 'I am happy' :)


Anant said...

happiness doesnt give as much reason to think as sadness. by definition happiness is when you dont think about it. This definition is my own though :-)

I me myself said...