Thursday, July 16, 2009

:| :( :) :D

Bloody Mayawati!

Bloody, my arrogant boss!!

Idiot driver!

Callous Delhi!

Wonderful rain!

Beautiful life!

Best-est mom!!

My darling 'A'!

Freakest, loveliest, bestest me :)


Santanu said...

Its nice to see 3 write-ups coming in consecutive days :) The last one I see is probably frustration creeping in, kyon :)... Wash away everything in the rain... And u r dead against Mayawati... arrey, don't you think she is one of the successful ladies around in India? How many women in India achieve success and fame? She somehow managed to achieve name and fame and in what way she achieved, people probably know. But at the end - success is success which one can achieve in several ways... by being good or notorious... and I give her lot of credit for that... Don't you think most of the people in day to day life (whether in work or other places) try to achieve success mostly by taking the non-traditional and short-cut routes?

As for your boss, there was an article yesterday where a survey showed that it seems only arrogant people have the highest probability of becoming managers. Will forward it once i locate it.

I me myself said...

Not frustration! just random 'feelings'...

Yes, I am a big opponent of caste-based politics. So, I hate Mayawati and the likes.

Secondly, she might have achieved "success" at a personal level, but I don't think she is a "successful" leader. A leader should be judged from the positive changes that they are able to bring. So, if you ask me, Maya-and-the-likes are just parasites feeding on a "democratic" setup.

Conditions in Uttar Pradesh have been spirallying downwards for over a decade now, thanks to Mulayam-Kanshi-Maya-and-the-likes.
There is almost a sense of arrogance, blind-pride, autocratism in Mayawati. I am sure in the next election people will give her the same treatment as Lalu got in Bihar in the recent elections.

Also, I am not a feminist. Yes, it feels nice if a women achieves success on her own strength, and I do feel women are equal to men; However, I am not a "blind-supporter" of every woman and every women-related issue.

Santanu said...

ab fame ke saath to saare "achhe" traits like autocratism, arrogance etc. to aayega hee. ismein koi shak. Well, I pity UP becos for such a state which is rich with resources, the so called leaders are just indulging in exploitation for their own needs.

Anyway, here's the link I was talking about...

on women in success, I like Chanda Kochhar who is going to take over the helm of ICICI Bank..

I me myself said...

about the manager part, I think it boils down to being at the right place on "passive-aggressive-assertive" scale.... so I think the right balance would lie some around Assertive and nor "agressive".

So, being instructive might help but being arrogant.. I doubt.

Also, its important how one measures being "successful". On a factory floor, it might work to be unsympathetic but in knowledge industry, it might not...