Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The thing that I have always missed is having a big gang. Really, its so much fun to have a big gang, people whom you can party with, freak around with. I always had few close friends, but I have always wished to have a BIG ENTHU GANG (not that I not treasure my close buddies!). I have had big gangs for smaller intervals but not for extended periods of time.

The naysayers frustrate me. "Ready for a movie" "No", "Lets meet up this week", "Oh!" and so on... Naysayers are neutralised in a big gang...

I am a party thingy and I need a gang.... and this is inspite of the fact that I am getting married this november! I NEED A GANG to freak out with.

I know what you would be saying Krishna! Here comes another demand/ wish from her....!


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