Monday, July 20, 2009

Part 1: If you were to look at your life from outside...... What advice would you give yourself..

1. Dear A, you should be monitor yourself for traces of pride and arrogance. While pride is good to an extent, if it goes unchecked it might turn into "arrogance"

A speaks: Am I arrogant?

Frankly, I am not really sure; most probably you are a borderline case.

PS: 'A' is me :)


Divesh said...

It is so hard to judge for yourself, whether you are arrogant... if one considers oneself as 'not arrogant', even that is arrogance at some level

I me myself said...

True, in fact, today morning I was wondering if I was harsh to myself on the blog :)

But the intent being that if someone doesn't know me completely i.e. he/she has a 5 minute (/10 minute/few weeks) discussion with me - how will he/she perceive me as a person? what will he/she advice me?

Also, the second perspective, if I was an acquaintance/ colleague of myself, what advice would I give to myself..?

for just for an example e.g. "Oh! she is sincere, but I wish she was more driven"