Wednesday, August 8, 2007

flashback 1....

I wrote all this in a word document (named 'blog'), thinking that I will post this on my blog someday when I create one.... So here it is....


Dec 20, 2006
It beats me, how people can choose to be so unsympathetic.

One of the things that I liked about IISc was people did not have attitude problems. They considered people equal (largely), gave due respect to each other. There were no artificial boundaries, specially at the beginning of relationships.

Yes, the corporate world is different. I have already beginning to feel it. The groupings, the exclusions, the remarks, the absence of remarks, all so….


30 Oct 2006
You know the most beautiful thing I have ever come across, and I frequently come across… It’s the sky… with all its hues and patterns. Movements of clouds on its bosom, dance of sun-rays on its face. It says so much about life… Its vast, never fully explored. Same always, but always so different.

I loved sky as a child, as a playing young girl, as a growing woman… it still does not fail to intrigue me.

I love rains too, but one reason for that is probably that I like watching the sky; the sky brooding over the earth with water laden clouds. Sometimes, it smiles with millions of miniscule droplets trying to reach the ground but losing direction in the gutsy winds and sometimes, it roars with sudden showers with jumbo droplets falling head-on on the parched pavements.

I like the reds and the oranges, the blues and the grays, I like sky in all its moods and magnanimities.


11 Oct 2006
First crush, First love, first blush, First rain, first pain, are always so special…. And so close to the heart


12th Sept 2006
I was never able to specify which kind of movies do I really like. I just got the words for the same. I got those today…. “The kind of movie that grows inside me”. Hazaaron khwa.. is one of those


28h August 2006
Its a dull Monday, not a usually irritating one. It’s a dull Monday and a scary one.
All that we face in life is kind of easy when compared to facing oneself. Cause its easy to say what’s right and wrong. Difficulty lies in following it up. There are so many things that I know I am doing wrong but somehow I am not able to change those things. I know this is not the answer. This can’t be the excuse. I need to do something about it. I must. Then why do I back out? Why?


11 August 2006

11th is always a special date… Anyways..

I am in office. Its getting cloudy outside. Augurs of rain…
I love rain. I love watching the sky. I like clear skies and I like the water-laden clouds.

I remember, right from my childhood, I have always liked watching the clear clue sky, with cotton clouds spread over its wardrobe. They formed interesting shapes. And the blue of the sky is simply superb. Its unexplainable what it makes me feel. I am closer to myself when I am watching that blue of the sky.

I like the water-laden clouds....
... may be because I love rains; They have strange face as if looking down on the earth and waiting for the opportune moment to pour down their buckets. And then, as if watching the thirsty earth gobble down all those liters of rain. And then, watching those tiny-miny new leaves coming up on sleepy branches... and then, saying them goodbye and moving ahead to drench a new piece of land.


09 August 2006 (Rakhi)

Years seem like moments. Cliché’ but it actually seems like yesterday when we were kids. Going to Sarojini Nagar to meet our brothers.
I am feeling a bit nostalgic today. This is one of those few Rakhi days when am actually feeling very sentimental. And am realizing the importance of this festival that we Indians celebrate.

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