Thursday, August 9, 2007

My untiring creative faculties

For whatever reasons, I have not been working since morning… I keep on alternating between tens of application windows open on my dual-monitor.

I am just too tempted to use my creative faculties today. I think I am a quite creative person - a little polishing is all I need to shine ;-) - I tried to create short rhymes on mails... tried writing my name on post-it notes for the thousandth time (how is that creative? - you have to see my desk for understanding that)... have been reading hundreds of arguments regarding hundreds of different (non-)grave issues... played some close-to-being-sadistic pranks on people around.. And as usual have been rocking my office chair to Justin Timberlake numbers since afternoon…

And now I am feeling guilty about wasting the whole day - so am writing this blog to acknowledge my guilt for wasting my 'paid' work hours…

By the way, taking from the topic of rocking the office chair - I think we should have a dancing room within the office premises. When I wake up in the morning I am generally ruing about the fact that I have to wake up so early, and when I reach back home, I am too tired to move my limbs around - so the only time I really really feel like dancing is during the office hours. Though thankfully, we have access to online music sites but that is still not good enough for compulsive perpetual 'groovers' like me; and my poor chair has to bear the brunt of it. Once in a while, certain other neighboring articles like the CPU (why the hell have they kept it so close to my feet!), the dustbin (again, so close to my chair) etc also come within the firing range…
So, if they could have a provision for a dancing room, that would not only be extremely beneficial for improving the overall 'work efficiency' but will also save the office furniture. And then there are other benefits like improving the employee moral and helping towards the 'said-but-never-meant' work-life balance;-)


my said...

Hey shanja

salsa classes havin an effect on ya

ahh.wastin an entire day..what luxuries u hav..
remember we telling bosses before going for the washroom ..

jealous :)

I me myself said...

Hey Kilas

I never told my boss about such details! - but I remember you were indeed very lucky ;-)