Friday, August 31, 2007

My new hobby - Sketching (drawing)

I know I am far from good at it but Sketching can safely be added to my list of hobbies now... Though its not really 'new' in the sense that I have been drawing since my junior days... at the back of my notebooks, on the margins of my text books and all other available 'gaps' on paper. But its just recently that I have been consciously trying to hone my sketching skills... Till now it was generally a sign of getting 'bored' during the lectures or loss of concentration during study hours.

This thought of 'learning' sketching came to my mind around 18 months back when I got a chance to interact with one of my collegues at my institute - He is an amazing cartoonist. I fixed some meetings with him to learn the basics of drawing. But for a long period after that I didn't really put in those learnings into practice. However recently (since 2 weeks or so), I have been trying to learn on my own. I draw whatever I can lay my eyes on - Geometric shapes, table objects, faces (my favourites since childhood), animated faces. I try to copy some interesting works available on the net and sometimes its just out of my own imagination.

PS: I shall post some on this blog once I start producing some 'decent' ones... :-)

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my said...

God...u r really writin with speed ...gud wrk re...keep it up

the account from which i sign in is my professional work blog ...cant help it coz otherwise u cant post comments

want to see those sketches soon

like the title ..not every dream in life can be dreamt again