Friday, August 17, 2007

I walk alone

I walk alone (Aug 2007)

No time to think, No time to cry
No time to lose, No time to try

No goals in mind, no shades in sight
No treasures to latch, no steps to match

A curved path, no view ahead
Yes, I am lost but not yet dead

My mistakes, my deeds I have to atone.
Frail but alive, I just walk alone

- A

.... Can't control those tears but still I am trying 
(written around Feb-End--Early March 2007)

You turn away and walk past me
You move along and trample on me

All those dreams of yours, that you set in my eyes
All your promises unkept, and all your lies

You didn't stand up for me and left me alone
The first test of time and you were gone

You showed me around and made this a talk of the town
Now you throw me at will, like a pet or a clown.

Your love was a lie, just a passing fad
You played with my life, now ask why am I mad?

You don’t care a thing, your life is just fine
Why did you come to me and ruined mine

Now you shout on me and say why do I blame
Coz' the world believes, but I know… your excuses are lame

You say of problems... now you have a family to see!
What happened to the promise that your family was me

The world laughs at me, breakups routine for them
The world will move over, my wounds will ever remain

Yes, I was wrong, to believe your words
Yes, I was wrong, in trusting you so much

My heart screams and my eyes are crying
Can't control those tears but still I am trying

--- composed by A


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really nice...
u hav really gone up in respect levels :)

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my said...

describes my current state of mind :)

I me myself said...

Thank you very much.
Though it goes w.o. saying, it describes my current state of mind too...

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