Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I am very very bad at remembering names/ faces/ things. I meet somebody and after 20 days when I meet them again, I will be totally blank. Then I start on my soliloquy "Oh, I have met you somewhere.. but whr... Do I know you? Do I? Oh... You are .... I would have read about something, but when asked for the details, I would be like "Oh... aa... ummm.."

I have always cursed myself for these kind of situations and until very recently, I thought I can't help it... But now I think its turning into a vicious circle: I think that I can't remember, so I don't try to remember. And because I don't try to remember, I don't remember... I agree that at least 2 times out of 10, I can remember things if I try a bit harder.

But I think I can at least try and improve myself... One of my very very dear friends scolded me once - "If you don't pay attention, you will perish..." I think thats very true, so I shall try my best to pay attention from now on... cheers!!

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