Thursday, August 23, 2007

Freedom of 'Choice'

So, the standoff on the nuke deal continues... I am not sure whom do I support - the Left or the Manmohan Singh camp - reason being I am still not very clear about the details of the deal... So, let me not take sides on this one.

But I do have something to say about the current world order.
A nation produces/ accumulates heap loads of weapons, enough to destroy the world 3 times over and goes on accusing other nations of 'carrying weapons of mass destruction'. Every American is legally allowed to carry arms because they think that 'everybody has right to self defence in case of an attack'. In sharp contrast to that ideology, when it comes to international matters, they comfortably ignore that other nations also have the right to self defence, so just by plain logic they too are free to carry/ develop arms in order to protect themselves from any future threats...

Similarly, for decades together, US & allies put in huge sums of money to develop their nuclear weapons and now they argue that other nations should not do the same. Excuse me! Why? So, that they continue to be the hooligan they are! so that they continue to push down the younger/ smaller/ weaker nations at their own sweet will!

Surely, the proponents of 'freedom of choice' comfortably ignore their ideologies when it comes to nations... You can't make people do things against their own benefits... Similarly, you can't make other Nations to act against their own benefits. They too have a 'choice', whether they want to develop arms or not (or for that matter choice for any other issue).

The world is currently driven by 'You tow my line OR expect dire consequences' kind of order... but it can't continue for long. And the world is very close to seeing this 'uprising' very soon. (or may be it has already started)


furor said...

I've had the same grouch with the way the world seems to work for the longest time ... but As i see more and learn more .. i'm coming to realise some glaringly obvious things that I never considered before ..

1. The world has always run the same way. There has never been a world power that's not done its outmost to crush others.

2. The current US led world is probably the most 'free' it's ever been. Think about it, this period was directly preceded by the imperial world where most humanity (including most countries) had no rights.

3. The above fact is not to say that the situation right now is great .. but if we look at the entire history of the world's better than it's ever been. The solution probably lies somewhere in the future ... but we're better off than before

4. The US has had remarkable restraint considering it's global position. yes, they've had their moments of idiotic self righteousness (like where they are now) ... but mostly ...they've acted in their interest but not gone as far as take over countries (which they can very well do)

5. Uprisings occur when the ones in power abuse it, the US has done it in recent times and we're seeing the results.

6. Finally ... it's pretty certain that once an uprising succeeds, the new power structure simply replaces the old one and acts pretty much the same way.

I me myself said...

Completely agree with that. Very true.

Infact, at the time of writing this piece itself I had decided that I need to right a counter-argument for this... but seems like you have already said what I wanted to say in my counter-argument. Thanks! n'cheers..